Software-only client Video Conferencing


Mirial Softphone is the most advanced software-only client for professional quality videoconferencing in H.323 and SIP environments – the first in its class with HD 720p support and embedded MCU functionalities.

With Mirial Softphone, a webcam and a laptop or desktop PC every user can immediately start taking advantage from video conferencing and collaborative work, while enjoying an amazing visual experience: the product is the first softphone to support 720p High Definition and H264, thus providing a sharp, clear, outstanding video quality in both encoding and decoding.

Have up to 3 people per call

Full data sharing & high definition video conferencing from your desktop or PC for only £180.00 per license. excl. VAT

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Below are just some of Mirial Softphone advanced features:

  • Support for HD 720p and H264 video codec, for an unparalleled video quality
  • Call Management (2 lines: call hold, call transfer)
  • Embedded MCU functionalities (3-party video calls)
  • Presentation: H239 (dual monitor support) and DesktopSharing
  • Concurrent support for SIP and H.323
  • Video call recording and playback – The user is able to record a video call in real time with a simple click; all recorded calls can be exported to a Windows Media Player file
  • Natural, full-motion video up to 2Mbps @ 30fps @ H.264 @ 720p
  • Cristal clear audio with full duplex echo canceller
  • Web integration (single click call)
  • Standard, compact and full screen mode
  • Resizable GUI

All Mirial software based video conferencing systems are secure business based video conferencing solutions & so they will only work across secure VPN links for anyone you have who is externally based. If you have VPN’s already then you are good to go!