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30% off Panasonic KXTVM50 2 Port Voicemail Module 


RRP: £879  Sale Price: £615

(offer valid to 25/03/2011)

 Even while you are away from the office, the Panasonic Voice Processing System will make sure you never miss a message. You can configure the system to notify you by email when you have received new messages; you can then log in to your mailbox remotely and listen to your messages. Better yet, have the system send your new messages in telephone-quality WAV file format as email attachments and listen to your messages without even picking up the phone! You can easily forward them by email to other parties and keep backup copies of those messages on your PC. Calling the office to check your messages is finally a thing of the past.

Panasonic KXTVM50

 Panasonic KX-NCPCompatible with Panasonic KXTDA, KXTDE & KXNCP Phone Systems












KXTVM50 comes equipped with 2 ports & 4 hours recording time and is capable of handling 2 calls at once. This  is ready to satisfy small scale voice mail needs right out of the box and can be expanded to 6 ports, handling 6 calls at once. Recording time can also be doubled by adding a KX-TVM524 4-Hour Recording Time Expansion Card.


Features include:

  • Interview Service
  • Message Waiting Notification
  • Multilingual Voice Prompts
  • Direct Mailbox Access
  • Automatic Message Forward/Copy Message
  • Holiday Service
  • Playback Volume / Speed Control
  • Fax Detection
  • Caller ID Call Routing
  • Caller Name Announcement
  • Personal Greeting for Caller ID
  • Intercom Paging
  • Live Call Screening
  • Two-Way Recording
  • Two-Way Transfer