European Roaming Rate Changings

The cost of roaming in Europe is coming down!

UK mobile phone networks Orange and T-Mobile have both announced that from the start of this month (July 2012) there will be new price caps for mobile voice, data and SMS roaming when you are in Europe. These price caps are as a result of cost reductions in line with the EU reguations and the benefit is being passed on to you and your business.

European Mobile Call Charges RedEuropean Mobile Call Charges BlueEuropean Mobile Call Charges TextEuropean Mobile Call Charges Data

Whether your are on Orange or T-Mobile, make sure you consider the European data bundles on Orange (daily data bundles start at £2.50 for 30MB) and the Internet Travel Boosters on T-Mobile (which start at £2.08 for 10MB).

Keeping Track of Roaming Data Usage on Orange

Orange’s new data limit can stop you spending too much and Orange will now text you and tell you how much data you are using. The limit is set at 86MB (equivalent to £41), unless of course you want to spend more you can opt out of the usage limit, Orange will send usage alerts at regular intervals to help you keep track of your costs.

*prices exclude VAT

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