Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Google announces the roll out of Jelly Bean (Android OS 4.1) has begun.

If you are the owner of the HSPA+ version of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus you will be one of the first to receive the update. If you are running an official Yakju or Takju build on your HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus, you can begin checking for updates now by going to Settings>About>System updates. If you already have your Google Nexus 7 you can start clicking your update button. Next in line for the update will be owners of the Nexus S and Motorola Xoom.

Jelly Bean Features

Google Now

Perhaps the best new feature in Jelly Bean is Google Now, a feature that lets Google pretend it’s reading your mind by drawing on your search history and the location data created by the movements of your Android device.

The Google Now feature is activated by tapping on the search box or swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This pulls up Google Now cards that are filled with up to the minute. Google Now learns when you commute, for example, and tells you traffic information at those times. It also shows you the weather for your location and your work. If you’re near a bus stop it can tell you when the next bus is due. Google now can also tie in with your calendar so when you have an upcoming meeting it reminds you and also nudges you when you have to leave to get there in time.

More speed

A lot of Android devices have suffered from slow response time or lag. With Jelly bean Google promise ‘buttery’ graphic’s and ‘silky’ transitions.

Resizable widgets, enhanced NFC capability are among Jelly Bean’s other Android enhancements. If you would like more information please contact our mobile team on 01453 829230 or email us.