UK mobile phone network O2 says sorry

O2 recently experienced a network outage which affected one third of its customers, meaning that they could not register correctly in the network over a one-day period, and therefore experienced difficulty in making and receiving calls, sending texts and using data.

O2 has recognised that this caused inconvenience and frustration for those who had a disruption in service. The network has now identified all of the customers directly affected, and is giving them the equivalent of three days back for the distribution as a gesture of goodwill and by means of an apology. This will work in the following way:

  • Pay Monthly customers will receive 10% off their July subscription which will be applied on their September bill, equivalent to 3 days back.
  • Pay & Go customers will receive 10% extra on their first top-up in September

In addition, to thank its customers for supporting the network through an unprecedented and difficult period, O2 is giving everyone on the network a £10 O2 voucher to spend in store. This will be redeemable via the O2 Priority moments app or online at It will be available between the 1st and 30th September to download through Priority Moments and redeem in store, with no minimum spend, one voucher per transaction and no change given.

Please keep and eye on your email and incoming text from O2 for more information also you can contact us on 01453 829230 or email us.