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Orange business customers receiving their bills this month will see the 3.5% price increase that came into effect from Orange in July, Orange cited inflationary costs for the price rise.

The increased charge of 3.5% applies to customers monthly plan excluding VAT. It does not apply to charges outside of customers’ monthly allowance. Customers’ loyalty discounts are also not affected by the increase.

Orange’s VP for business Martin Stiven delivered the news in a letter sent to all business customers, Stiven wrote: ‘We know that price rises are never great news but we are still committed to giving you the best service and network possible.’

He added: ‘Due to rising costs to our business linked to inflation we have had to re-evaluate our prices and introduce a rise starting 10 July 2012.’The letter explains to customers that Orange is entitled under the contract to increase charges up to the RPI figure in any 12 month period. It adds that this latest hike reflects the rate of inflation, which was measured at 3.5% in April this year.

It warned customers: ‘If you wish to cancel your contract you would need to pay any termination fees that may apply.’

An Orange spokeswoman said: ‘We are sorry to say that due to recent increases in inflation, from the 10th July 2012 we will be increasing the price of our Orange Business monthly plans by 3.5%. On a £30 plan, this would represent a monthly increase of £1.05.

‘Whilst we know this is not good news for our customers, it is something that we feel we have to do due to the rising costs of the business, and so we can continue to invest in our network and propositions to provide the best service for our customers.

According to Ofcom, UK mobile phone network operators must give its customers one month’s notice before any changes to the plan charges can be made, which is exactly what Orange has done.

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