iPhone 5 image render

iPhone 5 image render

iPhone 5 – Rumors and Speculation

As the proposed September unveiling of the iPhone 5 approaches rumors are rife across the internet. From gorgeous iPhone 5 renders (above) based off a few leaked parts (see video below from Smartphone medic) to wild speculation regarding the app’s and new features the smart phone may include.

What looks increasing likely is the further reduction in the size of the SIM card from the micro to the nano SIM, a 40% reduction in SIM card size. The first SIM cards released in the 90’s were the size of a credit card, this size was reduced over time to the mini SIM (which most mobile phones still use today). The launch of the iPhone 4 saw the introduction of the micro SIM and in early 2012 the nano SIM was given the go ahead. As you can see from the Video and Graphic below it does seem clear that the iphone 5 will use this new size SIM.

SIM card evolution

What does it mean?

Well for one, the 3 new micro SIM cutter’s we have just got in the office are not going to cut the mustard for much longer! More importantly we think this new size SIM will give Apple the ability to utilise that extra space for other aspects of the phone.

We will continue to try and separate fact from fiction and keep you updated as we hear more…

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