Everything Everywhere

When UK networks T-Mobile and Orange merged into Everything Everywhere last year there was a lot of talk whether the two mobile phone networks would become one single network which hasn’t happen yet, however according to Sky News, the rollout of 4G services in October may also be part of a re-brand.

It is claimed that new customers will join Everything Everywhere from October with existing customers to be migrated across in March of next year. Everything Everywhere has yet to comment.

Rival UK mobile phone networks are already said to be complaining that the Ofcom approval for Everything Everywhere to offer 4G services gives the company an unfair advantage. Reports from the Financial Times indicate that the European competition authority has forced Everything Everywhere to sell some of it’s 4G spectrum and that the company is in “advanced talks” with competitor mobile phone network, Three.
We will keep you updated as we find out more.

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