Top Mobile Phone Apps for Business

There are a multitude of applications out there for every mobile phone these days. Personal apps, business apps, what ever you are after there is an app for that!

Here is a list of the top 5 (as compiled from our users in the office) for top operating systems available at this time.

Blackberry Mobile Phone Logo




1. Evernote
Being able to write notes on your blackberry and then finding them their at home on your PC or on the work laptop, your never without your notes, files, voice clips or even photos with Evernote.
2. Telmap Navigator
This app turns your BlackBerry into a satellite navigation device, with vocal guidance and postcode search. And it’s FREE!
3. Nice Office Premium
A back up and mobile office app, where all your customers and orders are organized in one quick and clean app.
4. WordPress
With the ability to write posts, upload photos and videos and manage comments, you cannot be without this app for ease and ability.
5. Vlingo
Blackberry’s own voice recognition app. Whether you’re driving or just got your hands full you can still text and update your social life. Or work.

iPhone Mobile Phone Logo




1. LinkedIn
From new start-ups to MDs everyone needs to be on LinkedIn the best way to stay in touch with potential customers and B2B buddies. The Facebook of the business world!
2. Dropbox
A free service for all your devises Apple or not. Save a file off your work computer to Dropbox and it’s on your phone when you next refresh!
3. LogMeIn
Remote control your business PC from wherever! With just your iPhone and 3G/Wi-Fi.
4. XE Currency
Convert any World Currency on-the-go! With live currency reports, you’ll never miss a penny!
5. Pages
The best word processor for an Apple device! Create, edit, and view documents wherever you are.

Android Mobile Phone Logo




1. Robin
Android’s answer to Apples Siri, Robin tweets for you, gives you directions and can provide real time parking information.
2. CloudOn
CloudOn gives you full access to Microsoft office on your phone with the ability to create new presentations or edit existing ones.
3. CamScanner
This app can turn your android handset into a portable document scanner and fax machine, scanning multiple pages to business cards and the ability to fax them anywhere!
4. Box
Box is a cloud based mobile access to a your files. Box is a safe encrypted auto log out app which gives the user access to view their files anywhere.
5. DocumentsToGo
Edit, view and create Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint files high fidelity viewing of your PDF files.

Windows Phone Mobile Phone Logo




1. Yammer
Stay connected to your business via this private, secure social network for your company. Yammer lets you connect, share ideas and be more productive by keeping everyone connected.
2. PC Monitor
Monitor and manage your PC, with this remote app that allows you to control your PC wherever you are.
3. CamCard: Business Card Reader
This app keeps all the information of the business cards you collect without taking up space in your briefcase.
4. WP Shortcut Tiles
We all use shortcuts on our window PC, the windows phone is no different, with shortcut tiles everythings a click away.
5. Print Suite
This App can print any of your Microsoft documents and any documents stored on the Skydrive to any accessible printer within range.

Do you know of some better ones or if you would like more information call us today!

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