New Business Lines Installed

You are more than likely aware of who BT is. You may also know that on some level you have to deal with British Telecom if you want new telephone lines installing. What you may not know is how BT Openreach or BT wholesale fits into the picture.

Let us start by saying that we understand your difficulties. Dealing with BT on different levels, different departments and multiple call centre staff can be very frustrating and as a business owner or manager a lot of your time can be wasted sat on hold sorting problems, time that could be better spent on what matters most….Your Business!

So where to start, well the best place to begin is at the top with BT Openreach, these guys and their army of engineers keep most the country connected through their 1000’s of miles of cable. BT Openreach do not deal direct with customers. This responsibility lies with BT Retail who takes care of customer service, billing, sales etc. Alongside BT Retail is BT Wholesale who supply official partners like Lister Communications with wholesale calls and line rentals.

new business telephone line installation

When it comes to the infrastructure irrelevant of which provider you choose BT Openreach will be required to install new lines, diagnose faults or complete repairs. BT Openreach offer the same SLA’s to all providers. Therefore when you require new lines the installation time/date is always dictated by BT Openreach.

Where do Lister Communication fit in and what’s available to you?

The answer is quite simple, your business can benefit from our experience and expertise at liaising with BT.
This ensures you have your new telephone lines and if required your super fast broadband installed as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst also receiving the low cost calling rates that are designed around the needs of your business. Your business will also receive its own dedicated account manager, meaning any questions, queries or issues are handled fast and efficiently via a quick phone call or email. No more sitting on the phone being passed from pillar to post, speaking to a different operator every time you call. Your account manager will take the time to understand your business and work with you, leaving you stress free to focus on your business.

If you are in the process of moving offices, starting new offices or just fed up with the same old service then call us today 01453 829230 and put us to work for your business.