Remote Device Wipe

Smartphones, mobile devices and tablets are brilliant for storing both personal and business information, keeping you in touch and helping you work remotely but what can you do to protect yourself and your business if you lose or have your mobile device stolen?

All of the major smartphone platforms have some kind of remote erase capability. There are several ways of doing it, such as installing apps on the handset, using mobile device management (MDM) software on the IT side or signing up for a cloud based service that you can access from any other internet enabled technology. The ability to take action remotely is a valuable security tool because you can disable, lock, or completely erase the data of a mobile device. This can be crucial if your device or the devices of your employees are carrying business sensitive data and they are lost or stolen.

Remote wiping

A security feature that allows you to remotely erase the data on your mobile device if you have it lost or stolen. When you enable the remote wipe feature on your mobile device, you have the ability to permanently delete data stored on your lost or stolen mobile device from another device or using MDM software.

Remote disabling

A security feature that enables you to remotely lock or completely erase data stored on a mobile device if it is lost or stolen. If the mobile device is recovered, it may be unlocked, again this can be achieve via another internet connected device or with MDM software.

Mobile Device Management from Lister Communications

Mobile Device Management console available at Lister Communications

How can you install or enable remote wiping and/or remote disabling on your mobile device?

Some mobile devices have a remote disabling and/or wiping feature built in so that the owner or authorised user can enable it. You may also be able to download a remote disabling and/or remote wiping application to your mobile device. If your business owns a fleet of mobile phones than a MDM package maybe preferable and easier to roll out to your team.

If you do lose your device we strongly recommend that you disable the handset as quickly as possible, by contacting your Lister account manager or by contacting your mobile network directley, this will bar any calls or data being used on the handset and avoid you receiving an unexpected surprise on your new mobile phone bill.

If you would like more information about the specific remote wipe system for your mobile devices or you would like to discuss mobile device management for you business call us today on 01453 829230 or click the request call back option to the left of your screen.