The Kurio 7S is the perfect Android tablet for families and children, providing kid-safe web browsing thanks to its customised Internet access controls and advanced web filtering, time limit controls, application access controls, not to mention over 60 pre-loaded games, educational content, videos, ebooks and more!

8 Tablets in 1

The Kurio 7S allows you to set up a total of 8 separate user profiles on one device. Each profile offers full separation of files, apps, search history, game progress and scores, downloads, parental control settings, music, videos, pictures, etc. It’s like having eight different tablets in one!
Packed with comprehensive parental controls, kids can surf the web safely, play the apps they love, and use the tablet within the Kurio Interface with parents’ peace of mind.
Adults can also exit the Kurio Interface and switch to a full Android™ tablet without restrictions as well as set up Android™ profiles on the tablet. Access detailed Parental Controls through the easy-to-use, password-protected Parental Area.
Parents, kids and teens can e-mail, search the web, read e-books, write, draw, play games, take photos and record video, watch movies, listen to music and more!

Kid-Safe Web Surfing

Kurio Genius™ Kid-Safe Web Filtering System keeps kids safe online!

450+ million websites, filtered, categorized, and updated daily (with free auto-updates).
Choose a predefined filtering profile or customize your own web filters.
Easily manage Safe Lists and Block Lists to block inappropriate content
Parents can easily set the strictness of controls, expanding access as the child gets older.

Includes 60+ Preloaded Apps!

Full ad-free premium versions of the most popular games like Angry Birds Space™, Fruit Ninja™, Cut the Rope™, Cut the Rope Experiments™, Pudding Monsters™ & Where’s my Water?™
Includes a Complete Learning System featuring more than 30 apps from American educator Mr. Nussbaum!™
Premium Disney & Marvel apps featuring your child’s favorite Disney characters: Cars 2 Read & Race, Avengers Origins: Assemble, Disney Princess Story Theater, and more Disney content!
Apps from dozens more top-tier publishers, such as iHeartRadio, MeeGenius, Toon Goggles, and Talking Friends. There are video streaming apps, coloring apps, over 25 E-books and so much more!
PLUS access hundreds of thousands more apps through the Kurio Store and other popular Android™ app stores! Kurio is also Netflix, Youtube, & Skype compatible!

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