I was in a meeting this week talking about the new Nokia 1520 and happened to mention that the device is a Phablet, after some strange looks I realised no one knew what I was talking about hence the inspiration for this weeks blog!

So what is it? well the definition is: Phablet is a class of mobile device designed to combine or straddle the functions of a smartphone and tablet.


This image above really helps you see that the size of a Phablet fills the void in device size between the 4-5 inch smartphone and the 7-10 inch tablet.

The phablet has actually been around for a number of years although Samsung was really credited with the first official Phablet when they launched the Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011.

In a 2013 analysis by Engadget identified that dropping screen prices, increasing screen power efficiency, increasing battery life and the evolving importance of multimedia viewing had become the critical factors in the popularity of the phablet. In 2012, Forbes Magazine noted that while most clothing cannot hold a typical tablet computer, men’s clothing in particular could and may well adapt to accommodate phablets.

Nokia launch of the new 1520 Lumia device is seen as the first ‘for business’ Phablet, take a look at the video below to discover more.

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