This years highly anticipated (at least by us in the office!) FIFA World cup Brazil 2014 is set to break new records for mobile data usage.

According to to new figures from Wandrea the World cup is set to see a major spike in mobile data usage as football fans keep up-to-date with the competition, the result is an expected increase in mobile data usage by a huge 40%!

Video apps are expected to increase the largest increase during the tournament from 12 June to 13 July 2014, as fans watch highlights and full matches via their mobile devices. Data from the 2010 World Cup showed a 24 per cent jump in mobile data traffic, with video playing a significant role in this – streaming rose 22 per cent and YouTube usage increased 32 per cent on mornings after matches. With smartphone and tablet usage at its highest point in history and with services like 4G and increasingly complex apps available, the 2014 World Cup looks set to be a watershed moment in mobile data usage.

Data from the Wandera network shows that video is one of the biggest consumers of data on mobile devices, with video currently accounting for 11 per cent of all mobile data used on work devices.

If you are actually luck enough to be travelling to Brazil this summer some things you should know:

  • Tell your mobile phone provider. You’ll need to know if your handset will work in Brazil
  • Calling back to the UK while in Brazil will cost £1.50 a minute or more! (this is network dependent – call us for an actual price on your network)
  • Mobile phone roaming charges Data costs in Brazil range from £1 – £6 per MB, meaning the data roaming costs could add up to £2,800 for watching just one game!

Eldar Tuvey, CEO of Wandera said: “For businesses, it’s not just the cost of roaming charges that are of concern; the bigger concern is user behavior. At home or abroad, the personal and professional often blur where company mobile devices are involved. People inadvertently consume large amounts of data because it’s not easy to measure like minutes for a voice call. Our most recent report into mobile data usage showed email is frequently being checked out of work hours, however on the flip-side employees also expect to use their work device for personal tasks.”

If you would like any further information about using your mobile phone at the World Cup this Summer or anywhere else in the World give us a call or send an email to