Stolen Mobile Phone

So you have lost or had your phone stolen! Difficult and annoying at the best of times however these days mobile phones are just more than devices for making and receiving calls. They have become our connection do the outside world. Did you know the average smartphone user checks their smartphone 110 times a day!

Once you have gotten over the shock, what do you do next?

The very first thing we recommend is you contact your mobile network first. This will enable them to block your phone and stop anyone else from using it. If you do not do this you will be responsible for paying for any unauthorised calls, text and data usage. This can prove to be very expensive particularly if the person with your phone decides to start making international calls, this can run the bill over several hundred pounds quite quickly.

UK Mobile Phone Network Contact Numbers

Lister Mobile                      01453 829200
Orange                    07973 100345
T-Mobile                    0845 4125000
Vodafone                    0870 0700191
O2                    0800 9777027
Vodafone VPS                    0333 3044550
EE                    07953 966250

If your phone’s been stolen then the next thing you should do is report the theft to the police as soon as you can. Your network will be able to give you your phone’s identification number (IMEI), which you should pass on to the police. If you want to make a claim on an insurance policy you will need the crime reference number you’ll be given when you report the theft to the police.

Contact your insurance company if your mobile is insured. If you have dedicated gadget or mobile phone insurance you should report the phone missing within the time period indicated on your policy – typically this is within 24 hours. Even if you don’t have mobile phone insurance, it’s worth giving your car, home insurer a call to see if they’ll cover you for the loss of the device. Some UK current bank accounts may also cover the loss of your device so it may also be worth checking with your bank.

Here are our top tips for protecting your device and personal information

  • Register your mobile phone at This enables police to return stolen property as they find it.
  • Keep a note of your mobile phone’s unique 15-digit IMEI number. This is usually printed under the phone battery, or can be accessed by keying *#06# into your phone. If your mobile phone is stolen, the IMEI number helps your mobile network block the device.
  • Lock your mobile phone with a security PIN. Ideally set your Pin to automatically activate after, say, five minutes of inactivity, as this will stop thieves being able to use your mobile phone. See your mobile phone manual for how to set the security lock.
  • Block premium calls and texts from your mobile. Many mobile operators let you put a block on calling premium rate 09 numbers or texting premium rate short codes.
  • Don’t leave your mobile phone on display when you’re not using it. This gives opportunist thieves less of an opportunity. This is particularly important in cars – even if they’re locked! A high percentage of mobile phone thefts are from vehicles.
  • Disguise sensitive personal data you keep on your mobile. If you use your mobile to help remember important personal details like banking PIN-numbers, disguise them to prevent thieves recognising what they are and what they are used for.
  • Get a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. These allow you and your business to protect stored, in-transit and transmitted data from abuse and theft which is critical for legal, e-discovery and regulatory compliance. Also a quality MDM solution will allow you to remove data from devices after it has been lost or stolen.
  • If you are charged for unauthorised calls. You should try and negotiate with your mobile network and see if they will reduce the bill. Sometimes they will reduce a bill for unauthorised calls as a gesture of good will but they do not have to do this.

If you require any further information, would like to know more, or you would like to discuss the business mobile phone set up within your company call us today on 0800 652 4133.