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As a successful business you already know that all successful businesses have one thing in common. How to make the most of the resources you have available to you. You constantly need to be on the lookout for the smartest ways of taking advantage of what you have. Unified Communications (UC) allows you to easily stay in touch with the people who are most important to your business, your customers, your colleagues and your suppliers…anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Here are 10 simple reasons how Unified Communications can help your business:


1. Increased Efficiencyincrease

When your company communications are not working together, sending emails, making phone calls, messages and leaving voicemail’s can eat into your businesses efficiency. UC improves efficiency by joining all of your important communications together, simplifying access to services on your telephone system, PC and your smartphone.   

2. Competitive Advantageconvo_20160126140546350

Quick response and efficient execution are the goals of any business. When customers can quickly and easily communicate with your business, they’re happier and are more likely to remain your customers.

increase3. Increased Productivity

UC provides the tools to empower your employees to work from just about anywhere, under almost any circumstances or any device, allowing them to be more accessible and productive.

4. Business Growth growth_20160126120712699

Most businesses plan to grow, serve more customers and expand your market share. UC offers capabilities that can make business growth less painful. With the ability to grow, adapt and expand to the changing needs of your business, easily and simply.

5. Reduced Operating Costsreduce_20160126120806629

UC can significantly reduce the electricity and travel costs within your business. With the ability for remote working, business can be conducted just as effectively while reducing travel costs and energy consumption in the office.

6. Reduced Riskheart_20160126120853804

Employees not being able to get to the office due to severe weather or other emergencies can quickly take its toll on your business. With UC employees can easily continue working from just about anywhere.

7. Environmentally Friendlyeco_20160126121100285

Customers want to do business with ‘green’ companies. Implementing UC and home working can help reduce business energy costs and your employees commute costs, both of which can significantly reduce carbon emissions.

8. Diverse Workforcegrowth_20160126120712699

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right business talent in your local area. With UC you are able to hire the right people, no matter where they live. UC can supply them with the same communication capabilities that your onsite or office workers enjoy.

9. Employee Moraleheart_20160126120853804

Employees being in the office when they shouldn’t be can reduce employee effectiveness and overall productivity. Flexible working can be a key factor in employee morale. Enabling people to work from home either temporarily or full time can enhance their quality of life in a number of ways.

10. Increased Profitabilityincrease

Taken as a whole, the advantage of UC can dramatically increase your revenues by attracting new business and retaining existing customers through greater responsiveness. Simple, streamlined billing can reduce system admin which can also lower your ongoing costs.

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