There have been lots of stories in the press over the last few years regarding people returning from their holidays to a large mobile phone bill they were not expecting. The most recent case relating to Casey Snook who ran up a £3800 mobile phone bill after uploading pictures to Facebook while on a trip to New York. You can read the full article from the daily mail here

So with Summer and the holiday season in full swing we feel its time to offer some hints and tips on using your mobile phones abroad. Using your mobile phone abroad can be expensive especially if you travel outside of Europe. A worrying 66% of us unwittingly leave ourselves vulnerable to international ‘roaming’ charges by simply turning on our mobile phones whilst on holiday therefore it is a good idea to plan how to use your mobile phone before you travel.

Under EU law all mobile companies have to offer special voice and SMS tariffs. Companies cannot charge more than a specified amount for these tariffs. They are available across most European countries (excluding Switzerland, Turkey or Croatia).

using your mobile abroad tips

These European calls should cost no more than to €0.29 (24p) per minute excluding VAT, and consumers must be charged no more than €0.08 (around 7p) per minute excluding VAT to receive calls. The price of sending a text should cost no more than €0.09 (7p) per text, and consumers cannot be charged to receive texts. Calls outside of Europe can vary and cost significantly more. Each mobile operator offer various ‘euro traveler/ world traveler’ options that can significantly reduce the cost of using your mobile phone internationally, before you leave the country we recommend you Talk to us on 01453 829200 or speak to your Lister account manager directly to confirm how much calls, texts and using the mobile internet will cost you.

It is also worth asking:

  • Will my phone work in the country I am visiting?
  • Is there is an international tariff available ask about the costs and benefits?
  • Will you have to pay to receive call as well as make them?
  • Are there any special deals you can purchase which can help making using your mobile abroad cheaper?

DO NOT assume that the free minutes text and data your get with your mobile phone contract are included to use when you travel.