Bristol broadband internet m2m voipRob Lister, from Lister Communications, explains how M2M connectivity will work in Bristol.

Back in January this year Ofcom revealed that Bristol had the fifth quickest Broadband network for a city in the UK. The figures show that Bristol’s average speed is 30 Megabit per second, in comparison with the UK average of 16.2 Mbit/s, with a whopping 92 per cent of the city having access to superfast connections. At the time a spokesperson for ‘Think Broadband’, the independent broadband news website for the UK said the speeds made Bristol the perfect city for digital expansion.

Fast forward to May this year and ‘Bristol Is Open’, the joint venture between Bristol City Council, Bristol University and NEC, is completing its mesh bouncing network of 1,500 lamppost that will deliver outdoor internet speeds of up to 30Gbps in the city centre, knocking South Korea off the number one spot for speed of access if all goes according to plan.

The question for business owners is – what does that mean to me and how can I make the most of this amazing new technology?

In its simplest form, people will be able to access the Internet at incredible speeds and watch streaming high definition TV. The really clever stuff starts with the new network allowing the use of machine to machine (M2M) connectivity. From outdoor environmental monitoring machines sampling air pollution, to car parks all sending data to each other and back to data centres, M2M allows machines to carry out operations without the assistance of humans.

For example, a vending machine can message the distributor when a particular item is running low, rather than having to have a person check the stock levels. Or, as in the case of one of our clients, when a wind turbine is due for repairs, it can cut down the need for human inspections in remote, hard to reach places.

At Lister’s we’ve been helping companies develop ways for their devices to access communications networks and send data and with this fantastic new network ready to launch, Bristol is set to be a truly Smart City. For more information and help with M2M connectivity contact us on 01453 829 200.

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