Simon Gardner of Lister Unified Communications explains the benefits of Multi-network SIM cards:

Multi-network SIM cards allow mobile phones, or other devices connecting to a mobile network, to roam between all of the major networks, providing a range of benefits for users.

The most significant of these is that if you lose signal on one network, your SIM card automatically switches to a different network with better signal.

Jumping between networks doesn’t generate any additional fees and calls and data cost the same no matter which network you’re on, meaning clear pricing and predictable bills.

It’s a great solution for mobile workers who need to make and receive calls and data while on the move.

It means your salespeople can stay in touch with leads and answer questions while on the way to and from meetings, and access the documents they need to make sales.

Engineers have access to the specifications and diagrams they need, even in remote locations, and can call with progress updates.

Drivers are always connected meaning deliveries can always be tracked.

Multi-network SIM for M2M means you can take payments using a card machine anywhere or capture customer data to a CRM system at events without wifi.

Multi-network SIM cards keep you in touch and Lister’s unique one-bill solution means even if you’re jumping across all four networks, you get one simple bill. Multi-network SIM is growing rapidly in popularity and costs less than you’d expect.

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