sms-blueMany businesses are ploughing time and money into social media and digital advertising with poor clickthrough and conversion rates. Only 20% of emails get opened, and only 12% of facebook messages and 29% of tweets are read.

However a different platform is going mostly overlooked. With a 98% read rate, SMS messaging is a growing platform with more and more businesses seeing the value in being able to communicate with their customers via SMS.

SMS also has a response time that blows email out of the water. The average email goes 90 minutes before it’s responded to, SMS gets a reply in just 90 seconds.

It has a variety of applications, from providing critical information like delivery or appointment times, to updating customers with the latest offers, to charities using premium reverse billing to raise donations. Digital Marketing Magazine recently revealed that a surprising 75% of consumers would rather receive offers by text than see them on a mobile app or website.

It’s also great for customer service, giving businesses an convenient, personal way for customers to talk to customer service, without any hold times.

There are a number of technologies making SMS messaging customers easier. ‘Lister Text’ allows desktop to SMS communication with a simple interface that allows one or two-way messaging.

SMS messaging can transform the way you communicate with your customers, helping you up-sell, cross-sell, provide new services and grow your business.

Lister have published a free white paper on SMS messaging solutions that you can download here. For more information call 01453 829 200.