Lister were recently awarded a certificate for achieving EE’s compliance. This means that Lister Unified Communications adhere to Ofcom’s General Condition 23 (GC23).

All providers of mobile communications services must comply with GC23, which protects consumers from mis-selling. GC23 came into force on 16 September 2009. To ensure providers comply with the requirements of the new rules, Ofcom has launched a new monitoring and enforcement programme. These rules mean that when providers sell or market services and products they must:

  • Provide the customer with all the information needed.
  • Be honest and not deceive or mislead the customer.

For any mobile communications provider selling EE’s services it is now compulsory for them to attain this compliance certificate. Along side GC23, the compliance looks at the importance of correct and secure data storage. This is reviewed in line with the Data Protection Act, storage and control of sensitive customer information. EE also reviewed Lister’s customer experience and the training staff receive.

Lister offer a range of mobile solutions to ensure your remote work force have the equipment and resources they need to get on theta the work. For more information on all our mobile solutions call 01453 829 200.

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