Making calls, sending texts and using the internet while you roam to cost the same in any country of the EU starting from 15 June.

You will not have roaming charges when travelling to another EU country from 15 June 2017. Every existing or new contract that includes roaming services will change to “roam like at home” contract. New EU rules will cover data services, voice calls and SMS. But there are some terms and conditions that have been set by each UK network and these differ from Network to Network so please check with your Lister account manager. You may also want to check with us what countries each Network includes or excludes. For Example, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man may not be included. Below are some questions and answers.

Is it really true that I will not pay anything extra when I travel and use my phone in the EU?

Your communications (phone calls, SMS, data) made from another EU country will be covered in your national bundle: the minutes, SMS and gigabytes of data that you consume abroad in the EU will be charged or deducted from the volumes of your national tariff plan exactly as if you were at home (in the country where you live, work or study). Contrary to the past, you will not have to pay anything extra. No roaming charges bill shock anymore. Whether you use your mobile phone while periodically abroad in the EU or in the country where you live will not make any difference. You will roam like at home.

How long can I roam like at home when abroad?

The general rule is that as long as you spend more time at home than abroad, or you use your mobile phone more at home than abroad, you can roam at domestic prices when travelling wherever in the EU. This is considered a fair use of roaming services.

If this is not the case, your mobile operator may contact you. Operators can detect possible abuses based on the balance of roaming and domestic activity over a four month period: if you spend a majority of your time abroad and consume more abroad than at home over the four months, the operator can ask you to clarify the situation within 14 days. If you continue roaming more than you are at home, your operator may start applying a small charge to your roaming consumption

Are there any volume limits to calling? Sending SMS and using mobile data at domestic price when I travel. 

If at home you have unlimited calls and SMS, you will get unlimited calls and SMS when roaming in the EU.

If at home you have unlimited mobile data or very cheap mobile data, your operator may apply a safeguard (fair use) limit on data use while roaming. If this is the case, the operator will have to inform you in advance about such a limit and have to alert you in case you reach it. That safeguard limit will be high enough to cover most, if not all, of your roaming needs. Beyond this threshold, you can continue data roaming, subject to a small charge

Is roam at home automatic or do I have to do something to activate it?

You do not need to set anything up. Your operator will automatically cease to apply the roaming charge when you roam abroad in the EU after 15 June 2017.

Does this cover the calls I make from home to friends abroad?

No. Calling from home is not roaming. The new rights cover communications (calls, SMS, data) made when roaming in the EU, which means when travelling abroad in the EU. The prices of calls from home to a foreign country, including in the EU, are not regulated.

I often go abroad/I plan to stay along time abroad. How do I know if I still get to roam like at home?

The general rule is that as long as you spend more time at home than abroad or you use your mobile phone more at home than abroad you can roam at domestic prices when travelling anywhere in the EU. This is considered a “fair use” of roaming services. In order to determine if this is the case, your operator may check your roaming time and consumption over the last four consecutive months or longer.

If, during this time window, you have spent more time abroad in the EU than at home AND you have consumed mobile services more abroad in the EU than at home, your mobile operator can contact you and inform you that you may be subject to small roaming charges if you continue to stay abroad. If, within two weeks from the moment you receive a warning, you re-establish prevalent home presence or consumption, no charge will apply. Otherwise, your operator may start applying the small charges (see also question 21) to your roaming consumption from the day of the alert onwards. Therefore, as long as your operator has not contacted you while abroad, you can roam like at home without any worries.