Quality of customer service and the personal touch is sometimes more important than cost when people decide on a communications and IT provider. Cost will always be a factor in the decision making process but customer service goes hand-in- hand with technical knowledge and affects not only what is sold in the first place, but how a company handles any problems with service or equipment.

Good product knowledge, i.e. knowing inside and out how products work, is essential to find the right product or tariff for you and to help with any issues you may have.

Patience and attentiveness are crucial to find out what a customer really needs and, just as importantly, doesn’t need, to work out what best meets their requirements. Equally, if there’s an issue with a product or service you need someone who will take time to understand what you’re telling them and sometimes what you’re not saying.

Good communication skills are helped by positive language – just a small change from “I can’t get it to you until next week” to “I’ll make sure it gets sent straight out to you as soon as it gets in next week” shows that you are firmly at the forefront of what we do, rather than some company process.

A calm presence in the face of an IT or communications crisis is vital. Without these essential business tools it can feel like your world is falling apart. Talking to somebody who can keep their cool provides reassurance that your problem and the frustration it causes are understood. It also conveys that, while it may not be the person on the telephone that fixes it, it can be fixed without further drama.

Mainly good customer service is about remembering we’re all human and should treat people as we’d like to be treated. That includes recognising and taking responsibility for mistakes and taking the opportunity to put things right as soon as possible. The first thing we look for in staff joining the team is an in-built eagerness to help and that desire to help is the reason we want to make it easy for you to contact us in whichever way works best for you: on live chat, email, telephone or, of course, in person.

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