23Feb 2012

This Promotion will allow legacy Panasonic customers to migrate to Avaya IP Office 500.  Avaya supports those customers to benefit from new applications and functions on IP Office such as support for 9600 series IP Phones, SIP phone support, Video conferencing, improved mobility with one-X-mobile and business continuity through resilient Small Continuity Networking (SCN).   […]

25May 2011

E-Books to help your business expand   As part of their ambition to help smaller companies, Blackberry have teamed up with the business publisher, Brightword, to bring out a series of e-books giving all the information needed to help your business grow to the next level and beyond.  The series will give you bitesize information on […]

21Apr 2011

Once again, BlackBerry has brought to us another application that can put the minds of all smartphone users at ease! Introducing BlackBerry Protect Picture the scene…..! In the event of your smartphone being lost/misplaced/stolen, you have the ability to use features like:     . Wireless device back-up and restore . Remote Device Wipe . Remote Device Lock . […]

24Jan 2011

Another great offer from Panasonic 30% off Panasonic KXTVM50 2 Port Voicemail Module    RRP: £879  Sale Price: £615 (offer valid to 25/03/2011)  Even while you are away from the office, the Panasonic Voice Processing System will make sure you never miss a message. You can configure the system to notify you by email when […]

13Jan 2011

Following the popularity of this promotional campaign, Panasonic are pleased to announce that the 20% Ec0-Scappage Allowance has once again been extended and will run until End of March 2011 Make the most of this excellent opportunity to upgrade your phone system at a much reduced cost after the 20% discount. Trade-in an old PBX […]

11Nov 2010

 Looking for CCTV? Following the merge of the Panasonic Telecoms Division and the Panasonic Security Division, Listers are now able to provide Panasonic CCTV solutions for single & multi-site operations. Our most recent installation included 35 cameras and remote monitoring. Panasonic is a world-leader in IP Security and manufactures a wide range of security solutions […]

02Nov 2010

Vodafone appoint Lister as Gold Partner   As part of Vodafone’s  strategy to remain at the forefront of the business mobile sector, Vodafone have chosen to improve their delivery of services by appointing a number of the UK’s leading mobile dealers into their Vodafone Partner Programme with accreditations to reflect their expertise and commitment. Lister’s […]