06Sep 2016
Lister Unified Communications are growing, taking on SITM as a group company. The Stonehouse based telecoms provider acquired the IT company to extend their range of IT services. “There’s increasing integration between telecoms and IT. It’s rare to find one existing independently of the other” explains Rob Lister, Director of Lister Unified Communications. “Lister’s have [...]
06Jul 2016

Richard Wormald, from Lister Communications, explains how VoIP could benefit your business.  VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is increasingly the telephone solution of choice for businesses, but why? Scalable – Businesses can add and remove users at the click of a mouse. No new lines or contracts and no waiting for an engineer to come out […]

01Jul 2016

Rob Lister, from Lister Communications, explains how M2M connectivity will work in Bristol. Back in January this year Ofcom revealed that Bristol had the fifth quickest Broadband network for a city in the UK. The figures show that Bristol’s average speed is 30 Megabit per second, in comparison with the UK average of 16.2 Mbit/s, with a […]

08Jun 2016

Rob Lister, from Lister Communications, explains how to deal with slow broadband: A HIGHLIGHT of the recent Queen’s Speech was the Digital Economy Bill which promised the legal right to fast broadband in the UK, as well as support for businesses investing in broadband infrastructure: “Measures will be brought forward to create the right for every […]

25Apr 2016

Lister Unified Communications would like to wish you and everyone at your business all the very best for the May Bank Holiday this weekend and again at the end of the month. The office will be closed on Monday 2nd May, and again on Monday 30th May. If you need to Talk To Us during this […]

14Apr 2016

What is an eSIM? The Embedded SIM – or “eSIM” relates to a new standard being promoted by the GSMA – the association that represents network operators worldwide. It will come in the form of an integrated SIM chip, that cannot and will not need to be removed from a device. This is something that […]

04Apr 2016

  There have been lots of stories in the press over the last few years regarding people returning from their holidays to a large mobile phone bill they were not expecting. The most recent case relating to Casey Snook who ran up a £3800 mobile phone bill after uploading pictures to Facebook while on a […]

30Mar 2016

Here are potentially the best 5 smartphones from this years Mobile World Congress – February 2016. These devices were newly announced at MWC 2016 and if not available already they will be out soon in 2016. If you would like to know more or would like to discuss the unified mobile phone strategy within your […]