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EE are launching the next generation mobile network, that gives you superfast internet speeds on your mobile, tablet or laptop. Perfect for the business that needs it’s data in a hurry! Not only will you get the UK’s biggest 3G network with EE, you will also get the first mobile 4G network to be rolled […]

Approximately, every 10 years since 1981 dramatic new advancements in mobile communication emerge. 2012 is set to be one of those years…

After all of yesterday’s speculation we have received an official statement from Everything Everywhere. “Fourth generation mobile technology – the next step in the evolution of mobile phones. It allows for faster, more reliable mobile internet connections over a wireless network”

When UK networks T-Mobile and Orange merged into Everything Everywhere last year there was a lot of talk whether the two mobile phone networks would become one single network which hasn’t happen yet, however according to Sky News, the rollout of 4G services in October may also be part of a re-brand.