Professional Systems for the Professional Business

What do your callers hear when they call your business?

                – Uninformative Music? – Irritating beeps? – Or even worse, total silence?


Enhance your company image

                – Greet your customers with your own tailor-made message


Retain the interest of all your callers

                – No more customer hang ups!


Why play messages on hold?


Maintain consistent branding/professional image

Why invest in letterheads, signage, websites, advertising etc

Only to fall down when a customer calls?

Keep your brand in the forefront of your callers mind.


Marketing opportunity

It’s another way of communicating new

products/services, unique selling points,

company information, advice etc.           


Reduce caller hang-ups…

“A study found that…


52% of callers hung up who were on hold in silence, compared to …

Only 2% of callers hung up while being played music and messages

*AT&T and CNN Survey


Click to hear an example of what we can now

 offer you


Offer includes Fortune 1200 MP3 Player & two prompt on-hold message with music & voice artist of your choice.