Voicemail and Voice Processing

voicemail lite

This allows detailed, confidential messages for individuals and Hunt Groups to be left and collected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When enabled Vociemail automatically answers your telephone when you are not available to take a call. Personal greetings can be recorded, providing confirmation that the intended recipient will actually receive the message

  • Voicemail Lite – all systems come pre-configured to this level

  • Vociemail Pro – enhanced functionality including Auto-Attendant, Call Queueing, Call recording

Voicemail Lite

VoiceMail Lite adds a key component to the IP Office value proposition – free voice mail. Providing 4 ports of voice mail, it can handle the requirements of small organizations – typically up to 40 employees.

Voicemail Pro

VoiceMail Pro provides more advanced voice processing functionality. It builds on the features and facilities offered by VoiceMail Lite and can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a business. Scaling from 2 to 30 simultaneous calls, VoiceMail Pro can handle the messaging requirements of small or medium organization. When used with a network of IP Office sites, VoiceMail Pro’s centralized voice mail feature enables a central voice mail system to handle all sites’ messaging needs.

voicemail pro

VoiceMail Pro allows for message handling for individuals or groups, providing information to callers, assisting the operator during periods of heavy call activity and more by including a powerful voice processing system and an easy to use graphical user interface – the ‘VoiceMail Pro Manager’. This application also allows VoiceMail Pro to dial back users, internally or externally, as soon as a voicemail message is left for them. It provides security, by prompting for a PIN code should a user wish to change their Forwarding or Follow Me number from an external telephone. The call flow can easily be customized, enabling customers to break out of a mailbox to speak to a receptionist or secretary.

Assisted Transfer allows transfer of a call to a destination, but allows the call to return to VoiceMail Pro automatically for other options should the called party be engaged, or not answer within a pre-determined time.

Personal Numbering offers users the ability to remotely turn their voicemail on or off, set their email forwarding, edit their call forwarding and follow me numbers. Together these actions provide a comprehensive Personal Numbering service for the user who needs to remain in contact regardless of their physical location.