From 5 to 220 agents. 

Many businesses don’t believe they need a contact centre as they don’t have hundreds of agents answering calls. The reality is, every business that receives calls needs a contact centre solution.

A contact centre can mean different things and the level of sophistication required can vary greatly. Depending on the call volumes, number of staff, nature of the business and the speed of response or action required, we can design a solution to meet your business needs and your customers.


There are some common benefits of using contact centre solutions regardless of the type or business or application used:

  • Always answer calls quickly and professionally

  • Direct the call to the best person to deal with it first time

  • Lower call abandonment rates

  • Reduce call handling times

  • Display the callers details on the PC or telephone

  • Improve customer service

The opportunities with contact centre applications are endless and they can transform the way a business communicates with internally and with customers.