Which Communications Management Solution is right for you?

After salaries, overall communication costs are the largest single office expense……if left unamanged, how do you know if they are out of control. Our call management & reporting solution gives you that ability to track & control telephony costs, usage, response times (in & outbound), helping you to make accurate decisions about requirements for your business.

Would a Call Management Solution benefit your company?

Ask yourself the following questions, & if you do not know the answer to 3 or more of them, then a Call Management Solution would definitely benefit you.

  1. How many non-business related calls are being made from your company every day?

  2. Is your PABX (phone system) fed with the optimum number of lines?

  3. Are these lines linked to the most efficient & cost effective carrier for your needs?

  4. How many customers does your company lose through abandoned calls & unacceptable ring times?

  5. Do your staff use premium services more than neccessary?

  6. Which department or individual incurs the majority of these costs?

  7. What time of day are your phones most / least busy?

  8. How much direct feedback is generated by specific marketing campaigns?