The first step in any project is design and as we have experience of working with many different business types, we can design the best solution to meet your current and future needs.

We take time to understand your business infrastructure and your plans for growth. This allows us to design a solution which can accomodate a number of likely changes in the business – new users, new locations and new working practices.

It is very important to get the solution design correct at the beginning as this dictates the success of the project. We always look to work closely with clients at this time to ensure the best value and best performance is achieved from the new system.

When it’s time to install, our accreditated engineers put the system in place and test it’s functionality on site. All our engineers are engaged in a program of continuous development to ensure that their installation work is high quality and delivers the expected solution first time.

For more information on our deisgn and installation service, please call us on 01453 – 829200.