Bespoke on-hold marketing in CD or .wav format

7 out of 10 business callers are put on hold. What are your callers listening to when they’re on hold? Silence, beeps, music, sales messages or a jingle?A lot of money is spent on developing the appearance of your business with brochures, logos, van liveries, exhibitions and advertising. But little thought is given to how your business sounds.

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Aston Villa / Acorns On-hold marketing

England RFU On-hold marketing 

The facts

  • A small business transferring 8 calls per hour will leave callers on hold for 200 hours per year
  • 90% of callers will hang up after 40 seconds of silence and 34% won’t bother to call back

  • The average business caller spends 40 + hours on hold each year

  • Average hold and call transfer time is increasing each year. At present the average time spent on hold per call is 45 seconds

  • 95% of marketing budgets are spent on gathering calls while only 5% are spent managing the calls

  • 90% of callers preferred on-hold messaging to other options

  • Up to 20% of callers made a purchase after hearing an offer while on hold

The Service

  • Some of the UK’s top Voice Artists will give your company a ‘big brand’ professional image

  • Professional, creative scriptwriters will create your On Hold messages to ensure your programme delivers optimum impact; you will, of course retain creative control throughout the process

  • You chose the style of background music that best fits your business and your brand values

The Benefits

  • You will cross-sell more products and services to callers

  • On-hold messaging will help you launch new products and services

  • Promote and drive traffic to your website while callers are on hold

  • While callers are listening to your company promotions you are losing fewer calls and potential customers

  • You can keep your customers bang up to date with your latest company product promotions by easily updating your messages.