DECT cordless telephonesIntegrating DECT cordless telephones with KX-TDA means the benefits of the system are not left behind when you leave your desk. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony allows voice and data transmission via radio waves, within range of strategically placed base stations. A low cost and highly flexible solution, DECT keeps people in contact whether they are on the factory floor, in the warehouse, on the forecourt, in the showroom – in fact anywhere on site when they are not at their desk.

  • Deal with urgent calls as and when they are received – and save money by not having to return missed calls
  • Compatible with ISDN (where connected) – allowing DDI calls to go directly to their chosen extension
  • Multiple DECT handsets can be connected to one system Secure, high quality speech reproduction and excellent reliability
  • Access to 1000* system and 200 personal speed dial numbers
  • Back lit display (3 colours)
  • Outstanding Standby and Talk Time
  • CLI – See who’s calling before you take the call
  • Headset compatibility – Enjoy handsfree operation
  • Vibrator ring (KXCA 255) – Essential in noisy industrial environments
  • Silent alert to be discreet

* When connected to a KXTDA


A DECT System consists of base stations that are placed around the building, the positioning and amount of base stations are determined by a site survey. The range of a base station varies from 50 meters indoors and up to 600 meters outdoors. For calls to have good reception throughout the building each base station must be able to hand the call over to another base station, this means that a base stations signal strength must overlap with another’s.

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