The issue…


According to the official figures, from the Office for National Statistics, the British economy has slipped back into a recession during the first quarter of this year. Although the economy only shrank 0.2% this still has a massive impact on business and business owners will be tightening their belts more and more.

In most recent years it’s become apparent that mobile phones have become an essential part of business and everyday life, but they can often be quite costly, especially with smart phones becoming more and more popular due to technology always being improved and the high mobile data charges that can too frequently occur if you are not made properly aware of how to use the device.

A recent study shows that in the UK £5 billion a year is wasted by being on the wrong mobile phone tariff – £173 million of which is just from exceeding data allowances. A lot of businesses were unaware that just having the Twitter App installed on the device actually uses data continuously.

The research carried out also made it apparent that there are now over seven million mobile phone offers in the United Kingdom alone, so you can see why businesses often end up on a tariff not suited to them.

The solution…


At Lister Communications we understand that everyone’s business telephone requirements are different. Whether you need a small office telephone system with traditional desk phones and a single mobile phone or an advanced IP communications platform networked for your multi-site operation with a fleet of mobile phones. Lister Communications based in Gloucestershire has the complete telephone solution to fit your business needs, our range of on-site telephone systems and cloud-based hosted IP telephony solutions and business mobile phone offerings offer the latest in business telephone system technology.

Focusing on ease of use, excellent audio quality and superb reliability, Lister Communications business telephone and mobile systems can be configured in a variety of different ways to ensure you get a telephone system that meets your specific business requirements. If you want to simplify your operations, reduce your costs and remove the burden of dealing with multiple suppliers.

Call today and put us to work for your business 01453 829230.

Lister Communications is a family owned independent business to business telephone systems and services provider. We are located in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire and supply telephone services through-out the UK. We have 30 employees, 1500+ active clients and over 10 years telephone system and service experiance.