Nexxus And The Environment

When you purchase a Nexxus ECO product, feel assured that the environmental protection and the health of the planet is a priority for them and by acquiring one of their accessories you will be taking one more step towards sustainability. Here is a list of initiatives they are adopting in order to reduce carbon-footprint and help the environment.


Carbon –Offsetting and Renewable energy

For every Nexxus ECO product sold, Nexxus donates a percentage of the profit to ‘Pure, The Planet Trust’ which helps to fund carbon-offsetting projects and renewable energy programs around the world.


Energy Efficiency

In addition to compliance with all UK/EU standards, they use energy-efficient, re-useable batteries and power-saving technology in most of their electronic products and devises. They are also making a concerted effort to reduce packaging material and are striving to further reduce their carbon-footprint by importing the majority of their products by sea .


Reducing Waste and Improving Recycling Awareness

At Nexxus they understand that electrical and electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. Around 1.8 million tonnes are generated every year. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE ) Regulations aim to reduce the amount of this waste going to landfill and improve recovery and recycling rates.

At the end of your Nexxus products lifecycle, you can send it back to them and they will dispose of it through one of the WEEE partners.


Features of the 6 Accessories

 Bluetooth Headset

·         Ultra small and lightweight

·         Crystal-clear audio quality with noise and echo cancellation

·         Comfortable and can be worn with or without ear-hook

·         Automatic connection function (once paired)

·         Supports voice-dialing (with compatible handsets)

·         Use with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones & devices



·         Made from high-quality, environmentally-friendly Lithium-ion cells

·         Built-in protection against over-charging and overcurrent

·         Long life-cycle

·         Low self-discharge rate


In-Car Charger

·         Compact design

·         12/24 volts: for use in all vehicles including trucks

·         Red LED charging indicator

·         7 foot cord with strain relief

·         Built-in fuse with surge protection

·         Output: 650mAh (varies according to model)


Air Vent Phone Holder

·         Expandable arms- from 30mm to 56mm wide

·         Firm clamp mechanism for secure grip

·         Soft foam padding to protect phone

·         Air vent mounting brackets that fit most vehicles

·         Retractable earphone holder for wired hands-free headsets


Case/Screen Protector

       Varies according to the make and model of the phone, it will be one of the following

·         Silicon case

·         Crystal case

·         Leather case

·         Screen protector


Spare Mains Charger

·         Compact Design

·         Built-in fuse with surge protection

·         Green X LED indicator

·         Input voltage: 90 – 260V

·         Charging output: DC 5V, 500mA

·         Output: 650mAh

·         AC- 5 -/60Hz

·         DC5 – 10V