0% Finance is brought to you by Avaya Financial Services (AFS) and is specifically targeted at the market-leading Avaya IP Office telephony range with Preferred Edition VoiceMail Pro and the approach could not be simpler…

  • Maximise the buying power of your budget
  • Easy Budgetings
  • Save Working Capital
  • Easy Technoolgy Refresh

Example of how it works….

 AVAYA IP OFFICE with Preferred Edition Voicemail Pro 
 Cash Price£6,000  
 Term3 Years  
 Quarterly Payments12  
 Payment Amount£500  
 Interest Charge£0  
 Document Fee£0  
 Total Annual Spend£2,000  

To qualify for 0%, Avaya System must include: Avaya Preferred Edition Voicemail Pro

Subject to approval by Avaya Finacial Services



“Beat the Economic Blues with Avaya IP Office and Save Cash on your telecom expenses”



– Announcing a further Extension to Avaya’s 0% Finance Scheme

0% Finance is now EXTENDED to 30th SEPTEMBER 2010