Vodafone appoint Lister as Gold Partner

Gold Partner


As part of Vodafone’s  strategy to remain at the forefront of the business mobile sector, Vodafone have chosen to improve their delivery of services by appointing a number of the UK’s leading mobile dealers into their Vodafone Partner Programme with accreditations to reflect their expertise and commitment.

Lister’s mobile team led by Director Jim Clapham are excited by the propspect of being able to bring our customers some even better deals and levels of service

To celebrate our new appointment by Vodafone as a  Gold Partner

Contact us for some Great deals available on Blackberry Curve & Vodafone Business Choice Packages
750-48,000 shared minutes per month
Inclusive calls between sharers
150 standard UK texts per user per month
Blackberry solution sfrom £5 per month
Blackberry 8250