Business Mobile Phone Data Usage

Do you know what your 500MB gets you?

One of the most common mobile phone questions our business mobile phone team is asked is:

“What does the data allowance I get with my mobile phone actually mean?”

It’s hard to give an exact figure as a response to this question as every webpage will differ in size depending on the amount of text, images and other multimedia content on it. Also, whilst most e-mail messages are typically small in size, they can be fairly large if they include attachments such as photographs. In the following table, we’ve taken “typical” values as provided by O2 and should only be used as a rough guide:

500MB corresponds to…1GB corresponds to…
Basic webpages (mainly text)5,00010,000
Rich webpages (with multimedia, e.g. BBC)1,5003,000
Basic e-mails500,0001,000,000
Rich e-mails (with attachments)1,0002,000
Downloading/streaming music100 songs200 songs
Downloading/streaming video1 hour2 hours
Skype voice call15 hours30 hours
Skype video call2 hours4 hours
Listening to online radio8 hours16 hours
Downloading/updating apps80 apps160 apps

Please note that the amounts listed in each row add up to 500MB or 1GB.

The typical smartphone user will consume about 250MB of data each month. Typically we recommend a plan with at least 500MB per month of inclusive internet as this provides a buffer against additional costs. That said there are heavier users out there that will need more than this. This is why it is always prefrable to complete a thorough useage analysis prior to choosing a data plan to confirm the plan you are on is the right one for you and your company.

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