Bring your own device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

A revolution is happening in the workplace. Employees are bringing their own devices into work and expecting the same access to their corporate network as they get with their work laptop. BYOD is currently making significant inroads in the business world with about 90% of employees already using their own technology at work. In most cases, businesses are simply unable to block the trend.


What are the potential benefits?

  • Increase productivity – employees who use their own devices in work and at home put in more hours work per year
  • Save money – reduce the overhead of company provided devices and maintenance
  • Improve staff satisfaction – by giving them the flexibility to use the device of their choice
  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Improve productivity – Help your employees work smarter in and out of the office.

Employees who use their mobile devices for both work and personal issues could do 240 hours extra work per year than those who don’t.

What are the risks?


Left unmanaged, this practice can result in security issues, for example: If an employee uses a smartphone to access the company network and then loses that phone, the confidential data stored on the phone could potentially be retrieved by untrusted parties.

Security is not the only issue that comes with BYOD. Additionally, troubleshooting could be a major problem in an environment where users are bringing a multitude of different technologies. Compatibility of employee hardware with organization software and applications should not be overlooked when considering a BYOD policy.

Additionally, it is important to consider damage liability issues when considering BYOD. If an employee brings their personal device to work, and it is physically damaged through no fault of their own, should the organization reimburse the employee for the full price of the device?

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