Charity Mobile Phone Recycling

So far we have raised £400 for the charity Winston’s Wish charity through our campaign to recycle unused mobile phones.

The mobile phone recycling program is part of Lister Communications on-going initiative to encourage local businesses and members of the community to donate their old, unwanted phones for recycling, with all proceeds going to the childhood bereavement charity.

Forest Green Rovers, Stroud District Council and Cheltenham-based Ross Aldridge Solicitors are among our clients to have taken part.

Richard Snell, Marketing Manager, said: “We are a socially conscious company who want to help our community as much as possible. This is one of  several charitable events we will take part in throughout  the year. When businesses think about mobile phones, we want them to think of us.” (for more information about the charitable work undertaken at Lister Communications visit our charity page here)

A total of 13 companies have signed up to the campaign so far, as well as Winston’s Wish.  Each has a recycling bin at their premises.

Richard added: “Some of our larger clients have placed recycle bins in their reception areas and Forest Green Rovers are working with us to have a home game recycling push.”

To find out more, request a recycle bin and take part in the campaign, call 01453 829230 or email