“We have now moved into the realm of (phone) hacking as a financing mechanism for terrorism.”  Erez Liebermann, Assistant U.S. Attorney, Wall Street Journal, June 13 2009

Phreaking, phone hacking, dial-through fraud, toll fraud is the illegal and unauthorised access by criminals often with links to terrorists to your phone system to route their own call traffic through it at your expense.   And this expense can often be more than 20-100 times the amount of your usual phone bill. The UK is now one of the top five global hot spots for communication fraud – including telephone hacking – which is estimated to be running at up to $80 billion worldwide.

According to the latest research from The Communication Fraud Control Association (www.cfca.org) the UK has joined Cuba, the Philippines, Lichtenstein and India where the biggest outbreaks are concentrated, with problems continuing to escalate.

Both small and large businesses are susceptible to this kind of hacking, with the telephone call costs of this kind of hack being payable by you!


Callista Control Phreak is the only Telephone System PBX Firewall which can detect and kill invasions and it can be easily deployed to protect you against this growing crime. Control Phreak provides total protection for your phone system 24 hours a day, seven days a week – automatically – but leaving you in total control so that the legitimate phone traffic of your business is never compromised. 

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