Nokia has begun rolling out the “Cyan” software update to its Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices, which includes a number of feature upgrades as well as an update to Windows Phone 8.1.

New features include a third column of Live Tiles on the home screen, which can be re-sized to suit your preference as well as the ability to use a photo as your background image.
Action Center lets you access your device settings with one swipe, even while the phone is locked.

Nokia Lumia Cyan Update

Wi-Fi Sense automatically connects your Lumia to free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world and even takes care of the annoying part of putting in your details for you. And then there’s Word Flow, the most intuitive smartphone keyboard out there. Just glide your finger over the letters on the screen and your Lumia will do the rest. Word Flow will also correct words as you “type” and predict your most frequently used expressions. It’s lightning fast!

And for people in the US, Cortana is the virtual assistant built around you. She tracks what you care about, helps you become more productive, and even gets better at her job the more she learns about you.

The new Device Search is one feature you’ll love. If you need to find a specific email, contact, appointment, or even a song, just type in a keyword in the Bing search bar, and voila, there it is.

An updated Internet Explorer 11 will give you a fast and intuitive browser experience, and the updated native Calendar tracks not just your appointments, but also the weather, so you know when to bring an umbrella or a jacket in case of inclement conditions.

The Lumia Cyan update will also improve the already powerful Nokia Camera, Creative Studio and Storyteller apps. Nokia Camera gets a simplified user interface with one-tap access to edit and share pictures, and full-resolution zooming and re-framing.

It can be hard to keep track of all the tech-related gadgets you have. But with the new Nokia Device Hub included in the Cyan update, your Lumia can help you track down a missing accessory by showing you where you last used it. You’ll also get recommendations for apps you can use with that accessory.

The unparalleled business support you’ll get with Windows Phone 8.1 will make your Lumia a tiny, highly efficient digital office. Among the built-in tools: Office for Windows Phone so you can see, edit, save and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and OneNote notebooks on the go; Outlook, Skype and OneDrive so you can communicate and collaborate seamlessly. And of course, all of your information is protected with full device encryption.

There are also several new enterprise features you should know about. With Windows Phone 8.1, you can send digitally signed and encrypted emails to people outside your company (S/MIME), and you can set your Lumia to automatically access your company’s virtual private network (VPN).

Your phone automatically checks for updates and will notify you when the update is available.

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