One of the revolutionary and often forgotten features introduced on the iPhone in 2007 was Visual Voice-mail. With Visual Voice-mail services for iPhone, voice-mail is pushed to your device so you can listen to your messages without having to dial into your voice-mail service. Giving you the freedom to see all of your messages and choose the order you listen to them in.

Sadly however not all operators in the UK offer this feature. Currently only EE and O2 do so. Therefore if you’re on either EE or O2 and would like to try Visual voice-mail, you will first need to know how to enable the tool to get up and running.

Enabling visual voice-mail for EE customers

To activate visual voice-mail on EE, simply text “iPhone visual” to 150.
Note: Visual Voice-mail is included for certain pay monthly plans. If it’s not available on your particular plan, you can add it for £1 per month. If you are an EE customer, visual voice-mail is free.
Enabling visual voice-mail for O2 customers

As an O2 customer, you may already have visual voice-mail enabled, or you should be able to access it through your TU Go app if you have it installed. If you cannot get access to visual voice-mail, you may need to contact O2 by dialing 202.

Other UK operators

According to Apple, Three, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone do not support visual voice-mail.

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Visual Voicemail for iPhone