Fibre broadband continues spreading across the country at a fast pace, by now you’ve most likely heard that fibre can be of benefit to your business.

Faster speed sounds great but what is it?

Broadband is defined as super-fast when it delivers a connection of 38Mb or higher. The UK’s average broadband speed in 2014 was 18.7Mb, so super-fast is considerably faster than the norm.

Broadband typically goes through telephone lines, super-fast broadband uses a fibre-optic cable. These fibre optics made of glass and plastic allow data to move faster than along the copper pipes used by standard ADSL broadband.

The overall effect for you is faster internet – webpages load almost instantaneously, you can download large files and media files in a matter of minutes. Basically offering you a more efficient internet experience.

So what does this mean for your businesses?

It would not be an exaggeration to say considerable. Just about all business operate online more and more, we have to, it’s where our customers, clients and potential leads can be found. Denying the move towards the digital marketplace could leave your business floundering, meaning that in many ways your access to the internet via your broadband connection is the backbone of your business.

Speeding it up, making it more efficient, means you can harness more and more of the opportunities the web is offering. Cloud Telecommunication and computing as an example has become an integral part of many businesses and these services rely entirely on a quality internet connection.

Cloud Based Telephone SolutionsCloud telephony is a term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. It is a method of delivering computing, telecommunications and storage capacity as a service to a community of end-recipients. A fast and robust broadband connection means that you can move to the cloud without having to worry about the consequence of slow speeds effecting the quality of telephone calls made by the service. The move to cloud telephony also means increased opportunities for remote working, which for a lot of businesses can offer huge advantages.

Also if you conduct work online with your CRM, online accounting software and online storage applications such as Dropbox and Onedrive then access to these is considerably more reliable via super-fast broadband.

Finally and possibly most importantly to you – It saves you money!
Making you and your team more efficient, giving you faster access to different online tools which you can safely use every day to enhances the work you do. The overall result – quicker output, which means money saved.

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