Skill for Stroud

Guest Speaker Des McCabe, Jim Clapham Lister Unified Communications, Council Leader Geoff Wheeler and Stroud District Council Chief Executive David Hagg.

STROUD District Council has launched a new initiative to ensure that schools and local employers provide work valuable experience for local pupils.

Called the Skills for Stroud Work Experience Charter, it is part of the council’s commitment to improve employment prospects for young people.

Councillor Geoff Wheeler, leader of Stroud District Council said: “We’ve all heard stories about pupils spending their placements making tea or photocopying, hence our aim is to ensure that young people undertaking work experience benefit from genuine, worthwhile experiences that prepare them for the world of work.”

“Hopefully they will finish their placements better informed about the skills employers need and with more knowledge to make decisions about their future careers.

“Applying to be assessed for this charter mark shows that schools and businesses are serious about helping the workforce of the future.”

Jim Clapham

Jim Clapham receives Lister’s certificate for joining the work experience programme.

7  companies and 2 schools took part in a pilot programme in advance of the launch of the scheme this week. Skills for Stroud is now open to any businesses and schools who wish to apply.

Trained SDC staff assess schools and businesses using criteria derived from national guidelines developed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Association of Colleges.

An award ceremony was held on Monday at Forest Green Rovers for those who took part in the initial pilot and achieved the Skills for Stroud standard.

For more information or to have your businesses work experience assessed for the Skills for Stroud Work Experience Charter should visit or call 01453 754320.

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