For the Avaya IP Office, you can enter Short Codes to access different features of the phone. These are codes you dial in to quickly toggle a feature on or off, or change the call settings of your phone.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting tells you if another call comes through if you are already on a call by playing a call waiting tone, so you can choose to put the current caller on hold and answer the new call. This feature can be turned on by dialling *15, and turned off by dialling *16.


  • To switch Voicemail on, dial *18. To switch off, dial *19
  • To retrieve your Voicemail, dial *17

Do Not Disturb

  • To switch Do Not Disturb on, dial *08. To turn it off, dial *09
  • To add a number to your exception list – one that will still be able to make calls to you while Do Not Disturb mode is on, dial *10*(N)# (N) being their number
  • To delete a number from your exception list, dial *11*#

Diverting Calls

You can divert calls to another extension using Follow Me. Unlike Forwarding Calls, Follow Me can only be used to divert a call to another extension within the Avaya Phone System. You can either divert calls using Follow-Me-Here from another extension, or Follow-Me-To from your home extension:

  • To use Follow-Me-To, dial *14*(N)# from your own extension. The (N) here represents the extension to which you want calls diverted
  • Dial *14*# to cancel either feature from your own extension.
  • To use Follow-Me-Here, dial *12*(N)# from the extension you are temporarily using. The (N) here represents your home extension
  • Dial *13*# to re-direct calls back to your own extension

Call Forwarding

Your calls can be forwarded to another extension or external number when you are busy or away from the office altogether. You have a few options when it comes to Call Forwarding that can be switched on/off with Short Codes:

  • To set the number to which your calls are forwarded, you need to dial *07*(N)#. The (N) here represents the extension number you want the call forwarded to. So, if you want the call forwarded to extension 212, for example, you would dial *07*212#
  • To switch Forward Calls Unconditional On (so not a Hunt Group), dial *01. To switch off, dial *02
  • To turn on Forward Calls when you are Busy, dial *03. To switch off, dial *04
  • To switch Forward Calls when there is no answer on, dial *05. Dial *06 to switch it off
  • To switch Forward Hunt Group Calls on, dial *50. To switch it off, dial *51
  • To Cancel All Forwarding, dial *00

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