The strength of a mobile phone signal varies depending on where you live and which mobile network provider you choose.

Your distance and direction to the nearest mobile phone tower will have the greatest effect on your signal.  You must be within “range” to use or continue to use your mobile phone.  This “range” depends upon a couple of factors, the power of the tower transmitter, and the power of the transmitter in your mobile phone.

Trees, hills, buildings, and weather can all have an impact on your mobile signal quality. Metal will reflect the waves from the mobile tower and can make it impossible for you to make or receive a call from one point in a building, while a few feet away the signal is fine.  In the local Gloucestershire area for example, buildings made of Cotswold stone are more likely to impede the mobile signal you receive when compared to more modern brick housing.

mobile phone cell tower antennas

Mobile phone towers that are very busy will also diminish your signal quality and increase your rate of dropped calls. Also software problems with your mobile phone can slow or stop the transmission.  It could be that the programming in your phone may well have an intermittent failure.

Other factors can also affect your mobile phone signal quality for instance, whether you or the other person on the call is at a desk, walking around, or in a vehicle.  If either of you are driving, the hand over from one mobile phone tower to another as you travel can cause your signal or call to drop.

Something you should be aware of, all the mobile phone companies coverage areas of the UK differ, this means that even though you may currently experience a strong mobile phone signal with your current network provider it does not necessarily means that if you switch your mobile phone service to a new mobile phone network you will receive the same level of coverage.

Each of the UK mobile phone networks have coverage checkers on their websites. These online tools that can give an indication of 2G, 3G and 4G coverage according to postcode of the area you wish to check. Coverage checkers give a simplified view of ‘predicted’ coverage in a given area. So only use them as a guide they are not a guarantee of actual mobile signal coverage.

You can visit the coverage check for each of the UK mobile phone networks below by clicking on the networks logo you wish to check coverage for. Simply enter the postcodes of your home, office and anywhere that you think you will need to depend on good coverage. You can also read our previous blog which explain mobile phone signal boosters by clicking here. Of course if you would like any further assistance with choosing the mobile phone network for you and your business call Lister Communications today on 0800 652 4133.

o2 Orange Vodafone T mobile EE

three_logo_black Virgin Tesco (using the O2 coverage map) asda