SIP Trunking or SIP Trunks is phrase that is increasingly becoming more common in the world of telecommunications. That said if you are reading this it is probably because you have heard the term or have been offered the product and would like to understand what it is.

What is SIP?
To understand what a SIP Trunk is you firstly need understand what SIP means. Over the past few years SIP has become the standard protocol of choice for phone calls over a data network. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol, is the technology used for establishing a voice call across a data network.

What is SIP trunking?
A SIP Trunk provides the same service that you get from a traditional analogue or ISDN telephone line. The main difference being instead a physical wire, a SIP Trunk is a virtual telephone line provided by a SIP trunk provider, such as Lister Unified Communications. Your data connection (Leased Line, Cable Modem, ADSL, Broadband etc) is then used to connect your telephone system back to telephone network.

Why should I change to SIP trunking?
Firstly there are no physical lines that need to be maintained with a SIP Trunk, this dramatically reduces the cost when compared with traditional telephone lines. Combine this with the lower prices of calls when made over the internet (VoIP), SIP trucking can save some businesses up to 50% on your monthly bill.

How many SIP trunks will my business need?
The number of SIP Trunks your business may require can be determined by a few factors.

1) How many concurrent telephone calls does your business need?
As a simple guide, you will need approximately one SIP trunk for each 2-3 users with your business.

2) How good is your internet connection?
SIP Trunks consume bandwidth, (we work on approximately 200kbps download and upload per telephone call). Depending upon the quantity of telephone calls and your need for data bandwidth, you may have to expand or upgrade your internet connection.

How much will SIP trunking cost?
SIP trunk pricing can be flexible based on your businesses usage requirements. Option include SIP Trunks that are billed in a similar manner to how traditional analogue telephone lines are billed with a fee per SIP trunk and a call cost per minute. Other options can include a flat fee charge per SIP trunk, with free call to landline or mobile phones or even unlimited usage.

Lister Unified Communications is a leading provider of SIP trucks for businesses. Talk to us today to discuss your current telephone requirements and claim a free review to see how much money SIP trucking could save your business.

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