Cloud based telephone systems (also known as Voice over IP, (VoIP) or a hosted communications platform) have many advantages that make them the perfect choice for small businesses. They allow you to save time, money, and offer you a lot more control over your telephone calls.

Lower Costs

One of the key issues with smaller businesses or new start up’s is minimising costs; therefore, Cloud based (VoIP) systems are the ideal solution to adopt. Calls charges are lower, monthly fees are lower and there are no set up costs. There are no maintenance fees either, as the PBX (control panel) is based in the cloud and is updated automatically.

Scalable as your business grows

The flexibility and convenience offered by a cloud telephone system is hard to duplicate with legacy on site equipment. For example, the ability to scale services up and down based on seasonal demands or special events is available in the cloud along with the simplicity to add new users quickly and efficiently as your business develops and grows.

Flexible working environments

A Cloud based systems allows users to be truly mobile. The lack of a fixed location allows users to receive calls anywhere, anytime. This allows users to take phones home, install soft-phones on different computers or receive calls through mobile apps. This means your staff can work from wherever they choose and remain readily available to both you and your customers.

No receptionist needed

You can reduce the need for a receptionist by setting up IVRs (voice menus). This allows you to create different departments such as sales, supports, accounts, human resources etc. Customers are then automatically guided to the relevant person/department. This removes the need for someone to answer the phone and manually transfer calls to the relevant people.

Project the right image

The wide range of features available from a cloud based telephone system can give small businesses a much more professional feel. It allows you access to features usually only associated with larger companies or expensive telephone systems. Features include ring (hunt) groups, IVRs, call queuing, custom on hold music and time based routing. These are all easily managed via your online portal. Using these features you can create a unique communications platform that’s perfect for you, which will impress callers much more than a single phone.

More efficient customer service

With the wide choice of features available you can set up your telephone system in the most efficient way for your business. This will help improve customer service; your customers will endure less waiting time and it also saves them from being transferred to the wrong person.

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