You have a mobile data plan for your tablet/iPad to use when you are out of the office, but whenever you want to use it, it works in some areas but not others. There is not always a data signal strong enough for you to get your work done. Sound familiar?

Suffer no more! The solution has arrived with multi network data SIM cards from Lister Unified Communications.

What is a multi network data SIM?
A multiple network data SIM is exactly what it says it is. A data SIM card which operates on up to 4 UK mobile networks for your tablet, modem, CCTV camera or other device that takes a data SIM card. You may of heard of them as M2M SIM’s and not realised how useful they could be to your business.

Why should I use multi network data SIM cards?
Brand new from Lister Unified, a multi network SIM will operate on one network until it becomes unavailable then automatically switch to another network. No reprogramming, switching or carrying of numerous devices is required.

  • Automatic connection to the strongest of four UK GPRS/3G/4G Networks
  • If one network is unavailable the SIM will automatically connect to the next strongest one
  • If you also travel abroad you can build in data use in other countries as well
  • The power to select a network of your choice; from Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile (EE) and 3
  • If the network automatically selected by your tablet is busy, you can manually swap to a different one

How much will a multi network data SIM card cost?
The cost is flexible depending on length of contract and the amount of data you require per month, or if you need to use it aboard and roaming data is required. You can also have a shared data tariff to use with multiple users and devices. The tariff is built to your specific business requirements.

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